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Pseudo Design

ina86's art

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This is where ina86 will post all she probably considers as "art". ;) This includes Wallpapers, Livejournal-Layouts and sometimes also icons.You may use all that is posted here, but please follow the rules below. :)

I was inspired to do this by khallandra!


[->] Wallpapers

[->] Icons

[->] Layouts


If you want to use anything I post
here, please

[->] link back (either to this community, or to ina86) - for icons please put my name in the keywords- or comments-box.

[->] leave a comment, saying you do.

[->] don't alter anything without my permission.

[->] don't claim anything posted here as your own if it isn't.

[->] don't hotlink, but upload it on your own server.

I can't force anyone to follow these rules, but it would be much appreciated.


- brushes by soulkarma.com

- font One Fell Swoop

- idea from Khallandra